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Welcome! I am Joshua E. Lambert

Joshua E. Lambert

Machine Learning Engineer at SparkCognition Government Systems

I am a passionate computational social scientist with over a decade of experience working with quantiative and qualitative methods to better understand and predict social and political phenomena. I work for SGS providing AI and NLP solutions to the US defense industry.

Critical Thinking
Team Work


PsyCL Dataset
Manager/Developer 2017 - Present

Cross-sectional collection of at-a-distance derived cognitive and personality values attained through analysis of spoken words.

Fisheries Conflict Dataset
Developer 2018

Dataset on conflict surrounding fisheries resources primarily focused in the horn of Africa.

Canine Behavior Resource
Creator 2020 - Present

An open resource for handling canines.

Common Resource Synthesis Project
Collaborator 2020 - Present

A project to model and synthesize the temporal trends in common-pool resource research.


Machine Learning Engineer
SparkCognition Government Systems

2021 - Present, Austin, Texas

  • Design and implement AI-NLP solutions for defense customers across a range of sectors.

Postdoctoral Fellow and ML/NLP Researcher
University of Central Florida

2020 - 2021, Remote

Utilize and optimize systems for quantifying adaptive pathways relative to climate change at various levels of government.

  • Design NLP systems to model variation both cross-sectional and longitudinal among municipalities and counties in the gulf coast.
  • Communicate changes and integrate with the broader NAS funded group.

Cypress Synergy, LLC

- Present, Remote

  • Data science consultancy
  • GIS systems implementation
  • Forecasting

Graduate Teaching Assistant/Research Associate/Adjunct Lecturer
University of Central Florida

August 2016 - October 2020, Remote



Selected Publications

What belief in extraterrestrial visitors to Earth reveals about trust in elections
The Conversation February 2021

Utilizing a survey of over 600 voters in Louisiana we assess the relationship between conspiratorial beliefs and electoral trust.

Reassessing private military and security company competition in civil war

This paper challenges recent claims that competitive market dynamics incentivize Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs) to fully commit to providing effective services, thereby reducing the duration of civil war. Our assessment of a most-likely case scenario for this argument – Sierra Leone – reveals four critical problems.

Food, Familiarity and Forecasting - Modeling Coups with Computational Methods
Dissertation August 2020

Military coups are the most consequential breakdown of civil-military relations. This dissertation contributes to the explanation and prediction of coups through three independent quantitative analyses.

Presidential Personalities and Operational Codes - Learning Effects and Midterm Congressional Election Results.

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Ph.D Security Studies
Extracurricular Activities
  • President of Political Science Graduate Student Assoication
  • Presentations - International Studies Association, International Society of Political Psychology Association, Southwestern Political Science Association, Southern Political Science Association, Florida Political Science Association,
M.A. Political Science
Extracurricular Activities
  • Vice President of Student Government Association
  • President of Political Science Graduate Student Assoication
B.A. Political Science
Extracurricular Activities
  • Presentations - Southern Political Science Association, Alabama Political Science Association

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