Joshua E. Lambert, PhD

Leader and Machine Learning Engineer

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AI Consulting Services

A diverse toolbox to meet all of your AI needs!

  • Integrated Large Language Model System Design
  • Custom Machine Learning Model Training and Deployment
  • Flexible NLP Solutions
  • Structured and Unstructured Storage Solutions
  • Rapid Vertical Slice POC Deployment
  • Training and Workshops
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Experience to Succeed

Over a decade solving complex social and computational challenges across a broad range of sectors.

  • Senior Machine Learning Engineer and Engineering Team Manager at S&P 500 company
  • Doctoral Dissertation on Forecasting Civil Military Relations
  • Over 10 publications (Peer Reviewed, Popular, and Book Chapters)
  • Consulting for NGOs, Political Campaigns, and Private Sector
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As a coauthor and collaborator, Josh has always exceeded in his end of the bargain. Providing expertise in quantitative methodologies and ensuring technical excellence in all research.
Chris F.

Chris F.

Assistant Professor

On our contract, Josh rapidly built a full ML/NLP pipeline that allowed us to scale cutting our timeline by over 6 weeks, while achieving over 90% accuracy. Well above our acceptance criteria.
Colleen D.

Colleen D.

Social Scientist

Josh consistently provided workshops and training on advanced ML/NLP topics oftentimes for audiences that were not versed in the topics. He made them approachable and ensured participants always left having achieved some degree of content absorption.
Rebecca S.

Rebecca S.

Director of Quant Research

As a product manager, working with Josh always made things easy. He was able to convey complicated technical knowledge to stakeholders in an approachable manner, and achieved deadlines with ease. Prepared and professional.
Jake S.

Jake S.

Sr Product Manager